3 Flat For Sale in Borey Pipopthmey Sen Sok

  • Selling price:$1050000.00

Property Type: Borey, Flat     
15m Thmey, Sangkat: Phnom Penh Thmei, Khan: Saensokh, City: Phnom Penh

Property Information

Property ID: ID: Mr-312
Land Size: 240.00m2(20.00m x 12.00)
Building Size: 192.00m2(16.00m x 12.00)
# Floor: 2.5
Bed Room: 12
Bath Room: 15
Living Room: 3
Kitchen: 3
Owner Nationality: Khmer
Property Direction: North
Last Update: 2018-Aug-23

Lease Terms

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Authorization to Tenants

  • All space are Non-Smoking (Private and Public)
  • Non-Smoking Rooms.
  • Designated Smoking Area
  • Accepted for Credit Card.
  • Credit Card is not accept.