Villa for sale @ Borey Angkor Phnom Penh

Property Type: Borey, Borey ANGKOR PHNOM PENH, Villa     
5, 公社:Khmuonh, 区:Saensokh, 市:Phnom Penh


Property ID: 码: Mr-417
Land Size: 374.00m2(22.00m x 17.00)
Building Size: 152.00m2(12.40m x 12.30)
Number of Floor: 2
Total Bed Room: 4
Total Bath Room: 5
Total Living Room: 1
Total Kitchen Room: 1
Total Balcony: 1
Car Parking: 2
Motor Parking: 10
Property Face To: East with North
Last Update: 2019-Jan-03


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